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slaf 0.22

Icone Simple Look And Feel
Last modified : 2005-08-01
Created : 1998-11-01
Author : Guillaume Desnoix ©1998-2005
This document is the translation of this one. Send me email if you find any mistakes.



01-aou-05: New release 0.22.
28-aou-04: New release 0.20.
25-jun-04: New release 0.19.
22-jan-04: New release 0.18.
17-mai-03: New release 0.17.
22-dec-02: New release 0.15. Major bug fixes.
10-oct-02: New release 0.14. Focus management, opacity, tabs, ...
8-oct-02: New theme Redmondxp.
04-jul-02: Try the new demo (JNLP).
03-jul-02: New release 0.13. Add the new components (JDK 1.4). A lot of improvements, bug fixes and theme updates.
03-avr-02: New theme Lothar (mandrake).
02-avr-02: New release 0.12. Focus border, shortcuts, table renderer, ...
17-dec-01: New release 0.11. Transparent menus, texture control, ...
29-oct-01: New release 0.10. Compliant 1.4, Tabs, ...
23-feb-01: Ninth release. Some improvements.
26-avr-00: Eighth release. Some improvements.
14-feb-00: Seventh release. Icon filters, editable comboboxes, ...
22-dec-99: Sixth release. Finally and only for Swing 1.1.
15-jun-99: Fifth release. GPL'ed.
25-fev-99: Fourth release. With samples.
31-dec-98: Third release. Usefull ?
1-dec-98: Second release. More stuff !
10-nov-98: First release of Slaf.


Slaf is a new "LookAndFeel" for Java/Swing. The objectives are :

It will be use by the final user, integrated by the developper.


Try the demo (JNLP).

A page of samples showing different variations of Slaf.

A hardcopy of an application using Slaf (PNG).

Current release

The present release is entirely written in Java. It needs JDK 1.1.6 or later and Swing 1.1. If you use JDK 1.2.0, please update to JDK1.2.2 or later. Slaf should run on any JRE, from 1.1.6 to 1.6.0.

How to use it...

On the command line

At the beginning of your code



Wanting to know a little more about people interested by the Slaf software, I would be pleased if you could find 30 seconds to fill this little technical form.

Do you want to participate by testing new releases ?
Do you prefer only to use ?

What was the first release of Slaf you download ?

Which JDK do you use now ?

What is your current OS ?

Thanx. (by email)


The distributions 0.05 to 0.22 are provided under the terms of GPL2 (GNU general public licence 2). You can read it there.

To include Slaf in your non-GPL'ed software, please contact me.


The confusion between the two meanings of "free" is often made. A free software (free as freedom) is not a free software (as no price). Every software has a development and distribution cost. It is true for Slaf too. It's why a small amount of money (10 EUR) is asked.

The registration is done for the releases 0.01 to 0.99 of Slaf.
It includes the commercial themes.
A user needs to register only once.
The password will be sent to you in a 24h delay (except on saturday and sunday).
The transaction is secured by PayPal.


Thanx of thinking to fill the little form above. Warning, Slaf is difficult to compile because of the dependancies with javax.swing.plaf.*. You need jikes and javac. A ready-to-use release is available for the licensed users.

The distribution Slaf 0.22 is here:

Present themes at no cost: slaf-themes.zip 255k (aou-05)


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