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alma 0.41


Software workshop for modeling and analysing
Last modified : 2004-02-16
Created : 1998-03-01
Author : Guillaume Desnoix ©1998-2004
This document is the translation of this one. Send me email if you find any mistakes.

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Wir sprechen Deutsch
English Spoken
Ni parolas esperanto
Hablamos español
On parle français
Magyarul beszélünk
Parliamo italiano
Nós falamos o português


16-feb-04: New release 0.41. Optimizations and updates.
6-jul-03: New release 0.40. Optimizations and updates.
15-apr-03: New release 0.39. Optimizations and updates.
29-jul-02: New release 0.38. Many changes (diagram editor, Java parser, Xsd) and new targets (ReverseJNI).
5-apr-02: New release 0.37. Multiple outputs, ant task, numerous improvements.
15-mar-02: Alma runs fine under JDistro.

11-dec-01: New release 0.36. Updated modules. New target for Ruby. And a lot more.
26-oct-01: New release 0.35. New targets: Jasmin (assembler) and DjaPaquets (package dependancies). Some other improvements.
25-oct-01: Try Alma on-line.
25-sep-01: New release 0.34. Antialiasing. New targets: Dependancy and Formal. A lot of minor fixes.
26-jul-01: New release 0.33. Source code has been reorganized. Xsd (XSchema - source and target) and SrcHtml (target) added.
23-jul-01: Brave GNU World talks about Alma.
14-may-01: New release 0.32. Really better C++ and DocHtml.
12-apr-01: Major bug fix. Release 0.31.
4-apr-01: New release 0.30. Parser Jsp and Taglib. Better C++ et XMI.
21-feb-01: New release 0.29. Better model, C++, Dja. Target Rebol.
31-dec-00: New release 0.28. Target JNI, GUI improvments, corrections.
31-oct-00: New release 0.27. Source Pascal, script Foo, many improvments.
31-jul-00: New release 0.26. Better support for Scripting, UML and Jext.
30-jun-00: New release 0.25.
25-may-00: New release 0.24. Diagram editor, XMI and JavaP sources.
26-apr-00: New release 0.23. Some improvements.
21-dec-99: New release 0.22. Source C++, target Tom, script Beanshell.
28-oct-99: New release 0.21. Scripts interface, target Python, russian GUI.
17-sep-99: New release 0.20. Icons from Gnome, creation of (design) patterns, some improvements.
30-jul-99: New release 0.19. Model was extended: comments, relations, conditions. MDL added.
16-jul-99: New release 0.18. Delphi, Eiffel, regular expressions added.
24-jun-99: New release 0.17. Improved editor,...
17-jun-99: Presentation of Alma at LinuxExpo (Paris).
14-jun-99: Special development page.
9-jun-99: The article written by Mr Agnoux (in french) is on-line!
4-jun-99: New release 0.16. XmlProto added.
1-jun-99: An article about Alma is published in the computers magazine Programmez! (issue 11).
31-may-99: Translation of the user's manual in german.
24-may-99: Participation at the Exolab sessions #1 organised by Exoffice.
21-may-99: Translation of the user's manual in english.
10-mai-99: New release 0.15.
19-avr-99: Intermediate release. Please test it and send me all bug reports. Thanx
31-mar-99: New release 0.13. ODL, XMI and Object-oriented model tree. First release for JDK 1.2 (aka Java2).
28-fev-99: New release 0.12. Internationalisation (de,es,it,pg), improves for Java and UML.
28-jan-99: New release 0.11. Internationalisation (fr,en,hu,eo), target Sql3, printing.
30-dec-98: New release 0.10. Sql2 and a few improvements.
1-dec-98: New release 0.09. UXF. Save diagrams.
24-nov-98: Warning: with some JVM, there is deadlocks because Alma is not yet thread-safe. Temporary solution : export THREADS_FLAG="native"
28-oct-98: New release 0.08.
21-sep-98: New release 0.07.
17-sep-98: First pages, in french, of the user's manual.


Alma is a software with the following functionalities :

It is designed for object-oriented modelisation (definition of classes and relations) and for migrating (help to convert) code written in old languages to newer ones. It meets two needs : having a simplified software modeling workshop for small projects and make easier rewritings, ports and encapsulation of non-OO code.

This tool will be usefull for developers who get a code and wish to integrate it in a new project, to rewrite a program in a new language, and for the conceptor/architect who will have the possibilities to declare and manipulate classes.


Hardcopy of an Alma session (0.30, PNG, GIF), under the Slaf/Default Look and Feel.

Hardcopy of an Alma session (0.20, PNG, GIF) under the Slaf/Gtk/Gnome Look and Feel.

Hardcopies of previous ones (PNG 0.13, 0.11, 0.10, 0.09, GIF 0.11, 0.13, 0.10, 0.09, 0.08, 0.07, 0.06).

Animated show, based on 0.04, is available, to give you some idea.

Present release

The present release is entirely written in Java. It needs JDK 1.1.7 or later. The GUI is based on SWING 1.1.1 or later. Important: the release 0.08 and previous use the package of ACME for encoding pictures in format Gif,Jpeg,Xpm (UML outputs). The release 0.09 and following integrate an extract of this package. You don't need to download it separately but, please visit their site.

Analysed languages

Alma is able to read these sources :

Generated languages

Alma is able to generate source-code for these languages :


You will find some samples of translations of a Java source. The original file is Vecteur.src . Alma could generate from this file the following ones :


The still very thin english user's manual. Remarks welcome.

How to use it

On the command line

With the graphical interface


You can consult the sources, especially the abstract classes for writing new analysers and new generators.

There's still a lot of things to do. If you are interested in contributing to this software, please consult the development page.



Wanting to know a little more about people interested by the Alma software, I would be pleased if you could find 30 seconds to fill this little technical form.

Do you wish to contribute to Alma by coding ?
Do you want to participate by testing new releases ?
Do you prefer only to use ?

What was the first release of Alma you download ?

Which JDK do you use now ?

What is your current OS ?

Thanx. (by email)


The distributions from 0.01 to 0.41 are available under the terms of the GPL2 (GNU General Public License 2). You should read it there.


Before downloading, please consider filling in the little form above.


Some modules are optional and not included in the archives. You can safely ignore any error messages during the compilation. You can remove the following files if you don't want any error messages during the compilation:


The confusion between the two meanings of "free" is often made. A free software (free as freedom) is not a free software (as no price). Every software has a development and distribution cost. It is true for Alma too. That's why a small amount of money ($10) is asked to access the compiled, ready-to-use releases of Alma. This money will mainly help to pay the server rental. It doesn't apply to the Debian GNU/Linux users or the contributors. If you think it is a too high price, please email me.

  • The registration is done for the releases 0.01 to 0.99 of Alma.
  • A user needs to register only once.
  • The password will be sent to you in a 24h delay.
    (except on saturday and sunday)

Executable JAR installer

Linux and others unixes

Other OS

Executable JAR

Compiled DEB package (Debian, Progeny, Storm, Corel GNU/Linux)

Compiled RPM package (Mandrake, Redhat, Suse GNU/Linux)

Compiled SLP package (Stampede GNU/Linux)


Many thanks to all people who participate (or have participated) to this project:

Thanks to all people who offer free resources, used now or before in Alma:


For more details, see the About... box of the software.


Member Of The Open Source Java Web-Ring :
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