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Last modified : 1999-05-10
Created : 1997-06-02
Author : Guillaume Desnoix ©1995-2001


This site presents a few works made during my studies, my work or my hobies.

Alma is a workshop for analysing and modelling object-oriented programs. It's written in Java, distributed under GPL license et can, IMHO, be usefull for developpers. Jtk is an application for which I used Alma. It's a C++ library with the Java API and based on Gtk and Qt. This project just begins. Slaf is a new LookAndFeel for Swing. Simple et parametrized, different configurations are available.

Dodico is a distributed computers architecture based on Corba and embedding Fortran high-computing softwares (finite elements). Ebli is a set of JavaBeans components for visualizing the results of calculations. Exsol is a software for managing and analysing geotechnical informations (soil). Used in the french civil engineering ministry.

If you want more informations about me, you can read my resume.


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